Bulk Scanning

38-resizedIf you manage a school, business or office of any kind, you know just how many paper files can accumulate over the years. Boxes and boxes of files can take up valuable space at your facility. When it comes time to retrieve files, this can be a long and inefficient process. If you have ever considered bulk scanning of your old files, we at Archive Document Storage have a solution for you.

The first step in taking advantage of our bulk scanning service is simply to gather up your documents. You may have them stored in hanging folders, on shelves or in file storage boxes. Regardless of where or how you store your files, you simply need to gather them together.

Next, one of our file specialists will come by and pick up your files. We will safely transport them back to our centrally-located facility in Central Ontario where they will be brought into our conversion centre. Once your files arrive at Archive Document Storage, they will be prepped and scanned. During the bulk scanning process, your files will be converted into electronic format.

Once the bulk scanning process is complete, the new electronic versions of your information are stored digitally in our system. The original paper versions of your files will still need to be managed. We offer several options for you. We can return the files to your location so that you may store them on-site. However, since many people have told us that space is an issue when it comes to storing their files, we also offer you the opportunity to store your files in our monitored, secure facility within the racking system in our storage facility. If storage is no longer need for your files, we also offer paper shredding as a service to you.

If bulk scanning is an option you would be interested in pursuing for your organization, contact us today and we can offer solutions for every step of the process.