Document Cataloguing

7-resizedHere at Archive Document Storage, we understand the issues involved with filing, storing and retrieving documents. Storing old files is a necessity. So is accessing those files when needed. If you have ever stored your old files at a location in your facility, you know just how difficult it can be when it comes to managing those files. Boxing up old paper, indexing the documents, labeling the boxes, finding storage space and the daunting task of retrieving the files in the future are all issues that we completely understand. Best of all, we are here to help.

When you choose to partner with us to store your files with our document cataloguing system, we will send out one of our specialists to come right to your business, school or office in order to pick up your old files. Once boxed up and loaded into our vehicle, we will bring your files back to our secure facility. Our storage warehouse is located at an inconspicuous location in the heart of Central Ontario. Our facility is equipped with an elevated racking system, climate control and 24-hour closed-circuit monitoring.

Your files will be scanned and inputted into our document cataloguing systems using our bar code technology. Once document cataloguing has taken place, your files will be stored in our secure facility. Our location provides a high level of security and safety for your files. As opposed to self-storage units or stacking your files in the back of your own warehouse, your files will be indexed and safely racked here at Archive Document Storage.

When the time comes that you need to retrieve a file, simply contact us and we will use our document cataloguing system to locate the file, retrieve it and deliver it right to your door. Once you are complete with the document, we will pick it up and return it to its location in our secure facility.