File Storage Made Simple

If you run a business, you know just how important it is to store your old files. Payroll records, sales, accounting, and tax records all can accumulate a large amount of space in your office or warehouse. Rather than using up valuable real estate around your location for old files, instead consider using a professional…More

Document Pick-Up Service

If you have a large amount of file boxes taking up space around your business or office, you may want to consider storing your documents at a professional document storage facility such as Archive Document Storage. There are many benefits to considering a company like us. First, we will come right to your front door…More

Document Security

Pretty much every government office, school, business and individual must deal with paper documents on a daily basis. Even as we try to move toward more of a paperless society, the fact remains that paper files exist, will continue to be a big part of our lives and we must address document security concerns in…More

Document Cataloguing

Here at Archive Document Storage, we understand the issues involved with filing, storing and retrieving documents. Storing old files is a necessity. So is accessing those files when needed. If you have ever stored your old files at a location in your facility, you know just how difficult it can be when it comes to…More

File Management for Business

When it comes to running a company, one of the major components in your day-to-day organization is file management for business. Just about every organization generates a large amount of paper records. It is simply a fact of life when it comes to doing business. The key is in maintaining a proper level of file…More