Record Management


Bio_BrandonEffectively running any business, school or office requires an efficient record management plan. Regardless of your organization or industry, records storage is something you will inevitably be forced to deal with at some point. Here at Archive Document Storage, we offer a record management system to help you become more efficient and save you time and money.

No matter how big or small your location, real estate its always at a premium. You simply do not have the valuable floor space or storage capacity to file away boxes and boxes of files. However, you need to keep these files. So, what to do?

That’s where Archive Document Storage comes in. We will come by your location and provide file storage boxes (if needed). Once your files are boxed up, we will securely transport them back to our centrally-located file storage facility. Your files will be indexed into our computerized system for easy and efficient storage and retrieval. Once your boxes are bar-coded for storage, they will be safely placed on our elevated racking system in a climate-controlled warehouse for safekeeping. This type of storage environment is inherently more secure than self-storage units, which can put your files at risk of exposure to the elements. Your files will also be monitored by closed-circuit security cameras 24 hours a day.

If the time comes that you need to retrieve a file, simply contact us, we will locate your files in our computer system and one of our file specialists will retrieve your files, place them into a secure locked folder and deliver them right to your door. Once you are done with the files, we will come back and take your files back to the warehouse where the files will be returned to their storage location.

Needless to say, this type of record management system is invaluable when it comes to running any type of office or business. You will free up valuable space at your location, your files will be securely stored and best of all, they are easily retrieved at any time.

Simply contact Archive Document Storage to discus the record management plan that is best for you.