Records Management Services

Archive Document Storage is much more than simply a file storage service. Document storage also involves a comprehensive record management plan. You will benefit from years of experience in handling business documents in a careful, organized and efficient manner that allows you to access those files if and when they are needed in the future.

Whether it is standard timing, a rush job or even an emergency, we’ll make sure that you get your information on time. We’ll even deliver replacement boxes.

Our powerful document management software combines the best document inventory and archiving techniques with the most efficient cataloguing, security and transportation strategies. Our barcoding system ensures that your records are securely stored in an inventory system that allows for easy retrieval should you need them.

File retrieval is a concern of many businesses. What if you need access to a critical piece of information in a hurry? If your records were stored on-site at your location, you may not have an accurate inventory control system in place for the efficient storage and retrieval of your files. With Archive Document Storage, our electronic file system provides you with security and accessibility all in one convenient off-site location.

In addition to file storage, we also offer paper shredding as well as document scanning services. If you are simply looking for professional quality file storage boxes, we provide these as well.

Best of all, we not only service offices and businesses. If you are a resident with a large amount of confidential files, simply contact us and we’ll discuss the storage solution that best suits you. Perhaps you run a small business out of your home. Storing files is no longer a worry. We’re here to help.

Contact Archive Document Storage to discuss your record management needs further.