Dear Archive Document Storage Customers

First, let me start by thanking you for your continued business over the last number of years. Archive Document Storage began operating in the records management industry over 10 years ago and has grown significantly. This growth has lead us to make decisions for a stronger future for our customers. We are pleased to announce that IRON MOUNTAIN CANADA OPERATIONS ULC acquired certain assets of Archive Document Storage.

For now, it will be business as usual.

  • Archive Document Storage will continue to operate and service your account until such time as it is completely transitioned to Iron Mountain
  • The operating location will remain the same for the foreseeable future
  • The services and service levels we have provided you in the past will continue to be offered; and
  • Our existing phone numbers and contact emails will remain the same.

If you have any questions about this exciting news and what it will mean for you, please contact us.

We are grateful to you for giving us the opportunity to provide services to your company over the years and for your continued loyalty and friendship, all of which has led us to this exciting next chapter.

Where to Store Your Business Files

Accumulating a large amount of paper files is an inherent aspect of running any business. This inevitably leads to the question of where you should store your business files. There are many options available to you. However, only one offers the safest, most secure and cost-effective method for storing and maintaining the reams of paperwork that are a part of doing business. When it comes to the issue of where to store your business files, here are the common options:

File Storage at Your Place of Business

One option is to simply let your files accumulate right at your business location. Some businesses will devote filing cabinets (or even entire rooms) to storing their old files. However, this can lead to several concerning issues in regard to proper and effective file management. First, there may be extremely confidential information contained within these documents. A proper degree of security may be needed for certain confidential documents which may not be achieved when these files are stored in a back room or even in your warehouse. Second, there could be issues such as moisture to contend with. Your warehouse area may be fine for storing certain items. However, paper files are extremely susceptible to dampness and varying temperatures. Finally, storing a large amount of files at your location is not an effective use of valuable space.

Self-Storage Units

The proliferation of self-storage units in most communities make these places very convenient for storage of certain items. However, it is not recommended that paper files be stored in these units. Your documents will be subjected to extreme temperature variations and the risk of damage from dampness and moisture is simply too substantial when it comes to your files. Important information is something that requires deft management, not undue risk.

file storageProfessional Document Storage

When you chose to store your business files in a professional document storage facility, you are ensuring the greatest level of safety and security for your confidential information. Elevated racking, climate control and 24-hour monitoring are just some of the features that will help protect your files and ensure they stay safe and secure. Also, due to the computerized inventory systems in place, file retrieval is extremely simple for those times when you need to gain access to specific files.

When it comes to the question of where to store your business files, consider a professional document storage company. In addition to the security provided, this option is incredibly cost-effective and will not only free up valuable space, it will give you peace of mind in knowing you have implemented an effective file management system for your business.